Thursday, January 29, 2015

hello there, friend project

hello there, friend~

i lay soaking in the tub this evening... trying to warm up, having felt chilled for most of the afternoon.  i was tempted to listen to a podcast or some music, but having given a lot of thought to the fact that it's good to be bored and to zone out, i refrained.  instead i could hear clinking from the kitchen where my husband was making dinner, a trumpet from upstairs where my son was practicing, water dripping from the faucet, and despite my headache and slightly crawling skin i was grateful for a chance to be still.  i closed my eyes for a few seconds... and drifted off...  

we had grilled cheese for dinner and ramen, which was perfect.  i sat in the living room helping to answer questions about homework... sipping tea and thinking about heading to bed.  hoping i can sleep this off and wake healthy and well in the morning.