Tuesday, February 10, 2015

hello there, friend,

i have had similar thoughts about being busy.  i wonder sometimes if it's our reaction to the things we have to do that makes us feel frantically busy.  to me busy feels out of control, without a chance to breathe.  i think we often say, "i'm so busy" without giving it a second thought and this becomes our mindset.

what makes me feel less this way is breathing room on either side of things i may have to do.  going out the door with five minutes to spare instead of the very last second... giving myself (and my kids, too) some space, so that the stressful feeling of busy isn't what's running through my head or body.

i, too, want my kids to value spaces throughout their day where they can recharge, take deep breaths, have a snack, take a short walk, to notice what's going on around them... to slow down.

this week is one that is much less full for me.  i have already enjoyed the impact of more breathing room in my day and i suspect this will help recharge me for the days and weeks that are less so.