Monday, February 9, 2015

friends writing letters

Hello there, friend,

I'm looking out at this week ahead and seeing a little more space to breathe. I'm grateful for that. Last week, and even this weekend, was exhausting. I'm thankful for work and for projects that excite me, but I realize my limitations. I also need rest.

Saturday afternoon, I took the dog for a walk. We trudged through the snow with fat, fluffy snowflakes falling on us. I was listening to a podcast about stopping the glorification of busy. To be honest, I hate being busy. I prefer freedom over lengthy to-do lists. I like time to play more than the go-go-go.

Sometimes I wonder how this will change as my children get older, how their schedules and activities will set the tone for our lives. I want them to always value rest. I want them to be able to hear that voice inside that says, slow down. It's so important to listen, to be quiet and still, to see our limitations, to know what to do next. It feels like a dance and I'm fumbling around, still learning the steps.