Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hello there, friend,

Sometimes I like to put on an old album and let it transport me back to where I was when first I heard it. Today it was Ben Harper's Diamonds on the Inside. I listened to it often during my commutes to grad school. A guy I liked had lent me the CD, and it was on repeat in my car for a while. But nothing ever came of that and eventually I gave the CD back to him.

Little did I know that I'd soon meet the man I was going to marry, once the winter thawed and spring began its blossom. I would meet him playing softball on a field where I had played many years over. I would sit at the bar where we'd drink after games and when someone referred to him ask, Who is that?

He and I would walk out of that bar together a few weeks later, forgoing the drinks for a warm summer walk and a cup of coffee. We would talk for hours, and when we would part, he'd ask if he could call me sometime. I'd say yes. Then, um, can I have your number? We would laugh and that was that. We were hooked.

That year, a friend gave me the soundtrack to Garden State, and I played it over and over, eventually choosing one of the tracks as the song I'd play at my wedding the following summer. Tomorrow I think I'll pull that album out and give it a reminiscent listen.