Wednesday, February 4, 2015

hello there, friend,

this afternoon i dropped one of my girls off at swim practice and another at rock climbing. then i took my son to the skate park.  at each point my kids were surrounded by kids just like them who were honing their skills in one way or another.  i was struck by the fact that at the skate park every single one of the guys there failed.  not just once, but over and over again.  and each time they got up and went right back at it.  my son included.  there were some triumphs, but lots of failures, too.

later, i helped my son practice his trumpet by playing along on the piano.  again... a series of failures and a few good runs.  as i type my daughter is practicing piano.  and that idea of practice - over and over again in order to learn and grow hits me.  

it's true for all of us... that to learn and grow we must fail.  we get back up and try again.  it takes practice, whether it's piano, or skate boarding, swimming, taking pictures, being kind, connecting, engaging, letting go of habits we want to change, it takes practice.

some days i know this, some days i forget this, and some days it's a revelation to me all over again!


p.s.  to answer your question, ironically i was listening to a brene brown interview yesterday!  i have learned so much from her about showing up, courage, and being seen and heard.