Monday, February 23, 2015

writing letters to friends

Hello there, friend,

Today I sat at the kitchen table with a glass of sparkling wine in my hand, laughing and drinking with my husband and our neighbor. We were celebrating the completion of huge project I’ve been working on, one in which all three of us played a part. It took six long weeks, with the last two being the most intense, and we deserved a drink and a laugh.

Whenever I ask someone for help and they come through, I am always amazed. How are people so generous? Except that, of course, we all take turns needing help, so why shouldn’t we take turns giving it. On a whim, I had texted my neighbor to see if he could assist me in part of my project. I had a hunch he might, even though it was a tall order, and when he said yes, I was floored.

So today I clinked my glass with his. We traded stories and laughed at my children who kept running into the room to mutter things to us. It was our reward for the long nights, when we worked well after the day ended. I was so grateful. I am so grateful.