Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Hello there, friend,

I am sitting in the kitchen, pouring myself that first delicious cup of coffee, and I hear it: a bird outside the window and it's chirping! The birds have been out there all winter, feeding from our deck and providing us with fodder about their silly habits and whether having half a dozen cardinals means anything in particular. But this one this morning is singing. Glory be!

The last few winters, I have suffered from cabin fever something fierce. I blame that on being stuck inside with little kids. But this year was different. I'm just plain grumpy, complaining whenever I get the chance. I've been praying about it nonstop, worried that my bad attitude is a permanent state. I know that it isn't. I'm just ready to shake off the heavy blanket of winter.

This weekend, I am getting away alone for a night. Then I return home and we set back the clocks: the second sign of spring (after this morning's chirping bird). All that late afternoon light -- I'm giddy just thinking about it! Are you?