Friday, March 6, 2015

hello there, friend,

i have noticed the birds singing like mad the last few weeks in the early morning. the other day we noticed no less than forty robins and some cedar waxwings in our yard eating berries from our holly tree.  they flew from the holly tree to our maple tree to our roof, grabbing berries, eating them, and drinking water from the melting snow on the roof!

it's ironic that i see signs of spring like these and that this month we'll have days here in the 60's at some point, because we spent our day huddled inside while heavy rain turned into snow. it fell beautifully in huge chunks, while we watched. it was lovely.

i did NOTHING of consequence during the day and it was wonderful.  the most important part for me was that i didn't allow myself to feel bad about it. i read while i heard my kids in the kitchen making 'experiments' and singing (the oldest teaching them happy birthday in spanish).  we watched a ton of youtube vidoes together and laughed... i let go of my expectations that we use the day to clean or organize or even be outside and it felt so good.