Wednesday, March 11, 2015

write a letter to a friend

Hello there, friend,

This afternoon the sunlight was so glorious. The kids played outside, then came in for a snack. We put on the Mary Poppins soundtrack and danced around. Then I sat in my favorite chair and let the sunshine wash over me.

Each day I can see the sun shifting north. I notice the way it filters through the house, where the light hits and when. Today I was compelled to bring in the tulips from the kitchen table and place them beside me in the living room. Then I got out my camera and started to play. I pushed the chair out of the way, and my son climbed behind it and on my back. My daughter grabbed her camera and joined me. Click-click-click.

In that moment, everything was light and easy. No one was fighting or crying. No one was worried about when he or she would eat dinner. No one worried about where her career was going. We were like the birds of the air, flitting about, enjoying ourselves, not worried about what tomorrow will bring.