Tuesday, April 21, 2015

hello there, friend,

ever have one of those days where you were full of energy and you thought you could get so much done... where you made a list as long as your arm and even though you knew it wasn't realistic to get it all done, you knew you could make a dent in it and feel really good about it? and then for some reason, the ideal doesn't work, you loose focus, you can't find things you are looking for, you start to feel frustrated and soon this slippery slope leads to negative thoughts of shame and guilt about things completely unrelated to anything you set out to accomplish?

well, obviously i've had one of those days... and thanks to you the words of alexandra franzen came back to me late in the course of my mental spiral... "the day is not over yet". even though i could not do what i had set out to, i could do something.

i grabbed our current read aloud and asked my youngest two to meet me upstairs and we read for about a half hour. as i said goodnight to each of them, i laid down next to them and apologized for the way i had been acting, for the over-generalizations i had been making not only in my mind, but out loud.

the day is not over yet. you can turn it around at any point.