Wednesday, April 1, 2015

hello there, friend,

i’ve been thinking about my kids this week. we’ve made this same trip for six years and over this span of time they have been growing up. somehow it’s only in retrospect that i see this so clearly.

the first year we came i was like a mother hen with her chicks… keeping them with me at every step. biking with them, walking with them to the beach, staying close to them in the water, showering at the bathhouse side by side, almost every single minute together. they were seven and five years old. each year we loosen the leash just a bit, allowing them to explore a little more without us. this practice they get at being independent is so good for them. i see them gaining confidence as the years go by.

this year they bike off in the mornings and check back in with us every once in a while. they come back for food, we make plans to meet on the beach, they shower alone, and go to bed when they are tired. it is heavenly. at each stage i am amazed that these three human beings exist.