Monday, April 6, 2015

Hello there, friend,

Late last week we were able to open the windows and back doors and let a little fresh air in. Our neighbor came over to sit outside and chat, and my children ran around the yard squealing all afternoon. We drank beer and told stories and laughed. It was a good end to a long week.

Today it's back to the routine, back to school and work and shuffling about. The alarm went off and it took everything within me to not hit snooze. But I heard the birds singing outside and I felt so thankful. So, I'd like to follow your lead and begin my week with a gratitude list:

Waking to birdsong, the spectacular end to Holy Week, cuddling with my daughter in the middle of the night, Moroccan chicken, little ones who ask to be tickled again, movie night with my husband, salad pizza, snow that doesn't stick to the ground, kids hunting eggs, a quiet afternoon at a coffee shop, the freshly painted kitchen, long runs, letters to friends . . .

Happy Monday!