Monday, April 13, 2015

hello there, friend,

saturday after rereading the section on clothing in the life changing magic of tidying up, and drinking a LOT of coffee, i did it. i purged my closet and dresser, beginning with every top, moving to pants, sweaters, hanging clothes, and then shoes. i asked myself each time, does this bring me joy? at first, i struggled a bit. i'm used to thinking, 'does it fit?' or 'do i wear it?'. thinking about keeping only things that spark joy or that i love is a different way to look at what i have.

i have often thought i don't need as much as i have, but i'm a big thinker, and much less of a do-er. i walked away from my bedroom with three huge trash bags. my closet and my drawers contain maybe a third of what they had before.  i can see at a glance what i have.

the idea that i could be living in a home without clutter has been something i've longed for, but was afraid to begin. like last week, when i noticed meditation have a ripple effect, i am confident now that i can do this with the rest of our house. not all in one day, not even in a month or two, but bit by bit, i can begin to tackle one thing at a time.