Friday, April 3, 2015

hello there, friend,

we’re getting to the point in our trip where i could go crazy if i let myself. there is no end to the sand when you are camping. there is grumbling, miscommunication, and hurt feelings. there is a dirty picnic table always covered with a mess, and no one can find what they are looking for (shoes, sunscreen, keys, bathing suit, shampoo….).

i get to the point every year where i have to make a conscious decision to look for the good in every little bit of the day. it’s the choice i make because of the person i want to be.

yesterday’s list: sleeping kiddos in tents, palmetto shadows on the road, cartwheels in the sand, blankets on the beach, shrieks while paddle board surfing, riding the smallest waves with huge amounts of pride, sticky faces after an ice cream run, whip-poor-whills calling in the early morning, clean dishes, camp chairs repaired with duct tape, wine in plastic tumblers, bike races, growing independence, salty chips, ocean breezes, kites flying, boys who skate together and encourage each other, libraries and kids reading through a stack of new books…