Tuesday, May 19, 2015

hello there, friend,

almost fourteen years ago now, we moved away from all our college friends, our college town where we'd lived during college and the many years beyond, and our newly renovated farmhouse with almost three acres. when we decided to make the temporary change for my husband to go to graduate school, i had no idea it would be a permanent move.

with that decision came a multitude of new decisions; what to study, where to apply, which was the best program, when to start the program, whether to rent or buy... each time, i remember wishing the decision would be made for me.

i used to believe there was a 'right' decision and a 'wrong' one. decisions weighed so heavily on me because i felt i would fail. now, i try to look at all the options as good ones. each has it's own set of benefits and any decision i make will be fine. i know things will work out.

the kind of exhaustion you write about is largely a function of the unknown and the racing mind... continuing to want answers, looking at every possibility... it's overwhelming and oh, so tiring. i pray you allow yourself space and time in which you can be quiet and still...