Wednesday, May 27, 2015

hello there, friend,

i've been thinking far too much... forgetting that my thoughts are just thoughts. forgetting that i can't out-think or out-talk them. that it's best to acknowledge the feelings i'm having, think a bit about the why or how of it and then let it go...

this evening as we ate outside under the grape arbor, we had the best conversation as a family we've had in a while. we lingered at the table talking back and forth, working some things out, talking about our weekend.

after dinner, the kitchen was flooded with evening light.  i washed the last few dishes, and listened to my oldest sing, while the youngers planted seeds with their dad. i felt the soapy water in my hands and felt a cool breeze coming through the windows and realized what i was noticing was allowing me to be present and i was not at all in my head... (until just then...) hallelujah.