Monday, May 25, 2015

hello there, friend,

the last three mornings we've woken up to bright sunshine and birdsong here at the farm in western pennsylvania. the farm has been in my husband's family since the late 1800's. ironically, it's just miles from where i went to middle school and high school and although my parents no longer live here, in some ways it feels like coming home.

it's familiar and strange to be back in a place i once knew intimately. where i daydreamed about my future, wondering what it would look like. and here i am, years later driving these same roads in a van full of my own kids. we drive past the first summer camp i ever went to, past an old friend's house, past where i had a first kiss... we walk through woods i walked with my own siblings hiking out to an outcropping of rocks with a view of the ridges to the east...

and i wonder about home and family and memories, how they are intertwined. how we make our way. and how the future is still out there.


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