Thursday, May 21, 2015

hello there, friend,

you write about something i think i continue to wrestle with. when we moved to our current location, it seemed the next right step. in some ways, that's the easier way to make a decision... it was true for us when we decided to get married, when we bought our first house, when we decided to have children... each time, it seemed the next right step. those big big decisions didn't seem terribly hard, they just seemed right.

there aren't too many more of those big big decisions to make. we have three children, our marriage is strong, we love where we live. and yet, i wonder sometimes if it's too easy. did we look ahead at the future enough to make the right decisions? now that our kids are older, have we made decisions by not making any decisions at all?

i continue to dream, at times, about being closer to family. i want to be able to see my sister and her kids more often, to go up to the farm for the weekend (my husband's parents farm is about 6 hours from us), or have my parents come see us on a whim. as our parents age, i've always wondered if we would move closer because we had to. i wonder if we've settled in here, without making the conscious decision to. and now, pulling up stakes would be really really hard.