Friday, June 26, 2015


hello there, friend,

first, i don't think i've been so hot since the year my family lived in texas... when i say i am grateful for air conditioning i mean it! second, i have been overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers on this trip.

when i was a girl and my grandparents and disabled uncle came to see us i remember feeling embarrassment at the time, for the things he might say, for the friendliness he would exhibit... he has never known a stranger. on this trip, he shook hands with almost anyone he saw, said with great gusto, "i'm so glad to meet you!" and he was welcomed in return.

i'm so grateful to have spent time with him, to see him interact with the world around him, for reminders that being kind and generous are of utmost importance, for his love of trains, for the experience my daughter has had this week with her grandmother and great-uncle, for southern soul food, and for connection.