Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello there, friend,

I took my daughter to the thrift store this afternoon, after we made our way to the beach to take photographs and ended up thwarted by the rain. She found a small white jewelry box with painted flowers and a Hello Kitty sticker affixed to the back. It cost a dollar, and she waited patiently to see if I would concede and buy it for her. We walked through the store and each pointed out things we liked. And in the end, I bought a few pairs of kids' shorts, a mug, and the jewelry box.

We got into the car, and she said, "Mom, I'm always glad when we go out just the two of us." I listened to the rain falling on the roof and tried to keep my eyes from welling up. I was so tired. The weekend was long and draining. And after so much conflict and nonsense this week, here she was, thankful that we had an hour together on a rainy afternoon.

I was so grateful. I am so grateful.