Saturday, June 13, 2015

hello there, friend,

i woke from the craziest dream this morning... sighing with relief that it was only a dream. in the dream our family had moved over an hour and a half away from our current home and even though it was a temporary situation, i had neglected to tell my principal that i would need a substitute. in the dream i had woken up, realizing with dread my oversight... and after mishmash of events preventing me from getting in the car and driving an hour and half to work, i knew i was going to have to call and tell her that even though it was 10 am, i was just leaving...

a few nights ago i had another dream in which i was drinking a glass of wine at work... it was on a table filled with paperwork and i tried to cover it up as my principal walked by... all the time thinking, "what am i doing? i'm going to get fired from my job".

i sat on the back steps and described both these dreams to my husband in detail... my psychologist husband says there are two schools of thought about dreams... there is either something to them - something that is an indication of what we are currently trying to make sense of or they mean nothing.  he believes they can be either.

so... i'm left today wondering about my own thoughts and desires and what in my life currently feels "out of control"... i think i have some answers but i feel paralyzed about what to do next.