Thursday, June 11, 2015

hello there, friend,

last night before i went to bed i checked on each of my kids... i lowered the blinds and watched their bodies soft with sleep. as i looked at my younger daughter's face in the shadows i thought about how there are times when my children look so much like they did when they were babies and there are times i hardly recognize them, as their faces and bodies change.

there were moments during the day when i was tired of their antics, of rallying them to do something other than stare at a screen... then there were moments when i found them all together, working on lip sync routines, or laughing at their yearbooks, wanting to sleep together in the same room, and later finding them out on the roof together. these are the moments that fill my mama heart.

i find myself wishing and hoping for their future... not that they be 'happy'... that's too cliche. i wish for them to be comfortable in their own skin, always seeking, always curious, kind and generous, surrounded by good friends, rooted in what they know to be true.