Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hello there, friend,

Ten years ago, it was a hot day in June. It was much hotter than usual the entire month, a month I spent apart from my husband-to-be who had gone ahead to start a new job at our new faraway home. Two days before the wedding, I picked him up at the airport and had one of those movie kinds of reunions where we ran to each other and kissed. I was so happy he was home, even happier to be marrying him.

And so today I count myself thankful that we've had ten years together, thankful that we have two amazing kids, thankful for the ups and downs, thankful for the many clinked glasses and the joyful tears and the adventures, thankful for the long conversations and the friendship, thankful for leaping and believing the net would appear, thankful for fights for our relationship, thankful that we're in this thing together and want to stay in it together for another ten years and beyond.