Tuesday, June 30, 2015


hello there, friend,

the weather has turned... the humidity has lowered by about 40%... all the sudden i feel like i can breathe, which i find has made me much more optimistic!! instead of ruminating about what i wish i had done or wondering where my mojo has gone, i find myself willing to take action, to start somewhere... sometimes the conversations in my head go on for too long and i forget that just taking a step or two will make me feel like i'm on the right path, instead of wondering where the path is...

and so, i'm grateful for the change in weather, the evening sunlight, kids eating together outside under the grape arbor, my eight year old nephew - who makes us laugh and reminds us how much growing up our kids have done, an afternoon at the creek, the relationship between cousins, getting together with a friend for coffee, quinoa salad and grilled chicken for dinner, wine in a jam jar, the almost full moon, lightening bugs, and a house full of kids...