Thursday, June 4, 2015

hello there, friend,

when i picked up my camera a few years ago, i never dreamed i would learn so much about the world around me or about myself. as i made my way to flickr for inspiration, i started seeing self-portraits pop up in my stream. i was intrigued... taking a picture of myself is something i had never considered doing before.

i found that some of these women had participated in an online course, called nowyou: the beginning. the goal was to explore themes of self using self-portraiture. in this group, and in subsequent workshops i found a group of women who were willing to be honest and vulnerable, to tell their truth. in this group i discovered that we all want to be seen and heard and that we are so much more alike than different.

in a few days many of us will be seeing each other for the first time, as we are meeting for a weekend on the east coast. a group is flying in from germany, several are coming from the west coast, a few from canada... in all, over 20 of us will meet...i can't wait!!