Tuesday, July 21, 2015

hello there, friend,

after a frenzied, albeit fun weekend in the sweltering heat of washington dc and then dropping my oldest off for a week of camp in western pennslyvania, i headed to the farm intending to drive home the next day. instead we decided to stay for another day.

what a gift today has been. when i'm at home there are all the responsibilities that go along with that... here, at the farm, i help set the table, but someone else makes lunch, i help pick berries and snap beans, but i don't worry about washing or freezing them... i can't pay bills or do laundry, plan meals or grocery shop. instead i take pictures, read a book on the front porch, check nest boxes, explore the barn, and take short walks.

this place has long been an oasis for us. a place where we can enjoy the great outdoors... hiking in either the woods or along the meadow, where we watch for birds at the feeder and look for frogs at the pond. i'm so grateful for this place of rest.