Friday, July 17, 2015

hello there, friend,

the description of your morning sounds like one in which you were perfectly present. the moments we can describe with our senses seem to be the ones in which we are fully engaged, often with an awareness of gratitude.

i had a similar experience last night... we took an evening walk. in the rush of cleaning up from dinner, i sometimes forget how lovely that can be. we strolled through campus together, while my son skated... the sidewalks were clear, the breeze was just lovely, the sun was setting, making the puffy clouds pink. we walked across the lush green drillfield to the duck pond. the ducks dabbled while my daughter made multiple attempts to climb her favorite tree and finally succeeded. we stopped to look at feathers and identified some wildlowers and i could feel gratitude rising up from within me, for so many things... but, mostly for being together.