Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hello there, friend,

I woke this morning and immediately took my camera out to the yard. Since moving in, I haven't photographed much of anything. And I think it's becoming a problem. There's this wonderful, magical, playful thing that happens when I take out my camera. I get lost in the click-click-click and, also, more importantly, I am found. I am restored. Everything else melts away and I feel free.

I need that, more of that freedom to relieve the daily burden of work and relationships and puzzling over how to make this house into a home. It is with my camera that I truly find gratitude. Why can't I remember that when I need it most, when I'm exhausted and feel empty? 

The rest of my day got quickly off track, once I came in from my short photo walk around the yard, but still. I look through the handful of photos I took this morning and feel the stillness rising in me. It feels pretty darn good.