Friday, July 31, 2015

hello there, friend,

i woke this morning after fitful dreams of loss... i was traveling somewhere and in the midst of many other travelers lost my passport and my phone. in the dream i was devastated, knowing i was at fault for these mistakes. when i realized i had been dreaming, i was so relieved.

dreams for me often mark my stresses. my anxieties rise to the surface and i wake with the feeling of tightness and relief simultaneously. i can feel the worry in my chest sometimes or a buzzing that signals to me i am overwhelmed with the thoughts i'm having.

my husband and daughter leave this morning for a week long trip to honduras as part of a team providing medical care to women and children. when they return she begins her first year of high school. i go back to work next week and all of a sudden instead of leisurely walks after dinner there is an assortment of practices, paperwork, open houses, and meetings.

it's no wonder i'm having these dreams... like you, i feel the need for quiet and calm, before the proverbial storm.