Monday, July 13, 2015

hello there, friend,

it's good to be back in this space... good to pair images and words, to give life to thoughts floating around in my head.

i loved thinking about gratitude last week, loved peeking into the lives of others, knowing we were all working consciously to be mindful of the beauty around us. although i found bits of gratitude sprinkled throughout the week, it was a doozy. self-doubt threatened many times to prevent me from being grateful. but, each time i stopped and either picked up my camera or my journal, i came away feeling like i could breathe again.

saturday we floated for five miles down a lovely little river, far far away from any sign of civilization... the kids jumped from kayak to paddleboard to tube as we made our way... the light was falling in the most amazing way through the sycamore tree leaves. we stopped to swim and have snacks and i felt overwhelming gratitude in those hours. i remembered the podcast i had listened to earlier in the week about gratitude and how coming back to it over and over again in our mind shifts our focus, even when things are rough. i believe it to be true... gratitude is the antidote.

as we make our way through this new week ahead, may we be continuously grateful.


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