Friday, July 24, 2015

Hello there, friend,

On the way home yesterday, I drove past a house in town with patio furniture out on the front lawn. How strange, I thought, then saw the sign for $50 and realized I needed to turn around. Our new house has a patio and we have no practical furniture for it. The old deck furniture doesn't exactly work, mostly because we never had a table. But when we bought this house, I imagined al fresco dinners wrapped in twinkle lights and desserts eaten while the kids chased lightning bugs.

I turned my car around and pulled up to the house. One glass table, five chairs. Perfect, I thought. I rang the doorbell and tried to remember the last time I rang a stranger's doorbell. I couldn't. But this is a whole new ball game. In the two weeks we've lived in this town, we've met more neighbors than in the three years we lived in the city. The neighbors here are friendly, some even stopping to introduce themselves when we've sat on the front stoop eating ice cream sandwiches.

I stood on the front porch and chatted with the owner. "Are you a family of five?" she asked. "No," I replied, "I have two kids, but that extra chair will come in handy." She said we could pick the furniture up on Saturday, and I drove home. I opened the front door and took a moment to notice all the light coming in. I walked to the kitchen, with all of its knotty pine, and opened a letter. Some day, I thought, this will feel like home. We're inching our way there every day.