Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hello there, friend,

One week from today, we will pack everything we own into a truck and drive away from our first house. Then we will be homeless for an undetermined amount of time. Well, not homeless exactly, but in transition and sleeping in the guest room at my in-laws'. Right now, my house is filled with boxes, some of the filled, most empty. I have each day planned with goals and to-do's and, of course, the holiday weekend. The only thing I know is that eventually we will get there, to our next house and our next adventure, and the stress of all of this will wither away.

And though I'd like to press the fast-forward button and just be there already, I am still grateful for here: for summer rain and evening sun, for dance parties in the kitchen, for eggs and toast, for Goodwill donation centers, for podcasts to listen to while packing, for strong coffee and red wine, for little girl tears over missing her friends, for piling into bed together at the end of the day to read. These are the things that are getting me through.