Monday, July 27, 2015

hello there, friend,

twice yesterday i sat in the living room with one of my kiddos... each time i tried to help them negotiate the conflict there were feeling inside. and then we sat. sat in quiet and stillness and i wondered if what i was saying was sinking in. could they hear themselves in the quiet? could they pay attention to what was inside of them? did they understand that their feelings are normal? i'm sure i won't know, but almost every time there is a lesson for me in what i say out loud to them.

it's monday morning and i'm already feeling some pressure... there are things that have to be done before school starts, there are wants and needs of these three humans that inhabit this house with me all day long, there appointments and errands, dishes and laundry... and of course i want this week to be fun for them and fruitful for me.

and so i make lists and consider what is essential... knowing love and connection need to be my purpose, always.