Friday, July 3, 2015

Hello there, friends,

Yes, you, out there sharing this journey with us. Hello! We have been so grateful to share with you for the last five months. When we created this project, our hope was to create space for something beautiful and honest. We wanted a place to connect, not only with each other but with you.

Each weekday, we post here on the website and also over at Instagram where we have been able to connect with our readers. But, as the emails have bounced back and forth between us these last months, one question has loomed: How can we create community here at hello there, friend? How can we connect with readers and help them connect with each other?

We decided to hold a week of gratitude on Instagram! As you know, Lindsay is moving this week and Beth has had technical problems, so we want to press pause on our daily posts this week and instead share what we're thankful for on Instagram. And we want you to join us.

All you have to do is post a photo, say what you're grateful for, and tag the photo with #htfgratitude. We both will be posting photographs and gratitudes on our IG account all week and re-posting some of your photos and gratitudes too. Our goal is to cultivate gratefulness and get connected with you. So, tell us what you're thankful for, say hello, and know that we are ever grateful for all of you!

Much love,
Beth + Lindsay