Wednesday, July 15, 2015

 hello there, friend,

i think it's part of my personality that i wake each morning full of optimism... i think about the day ahead, find gratitude for a good nights sleep, listen to the sounds around me, the waking or sleeping house, the birds... for the last few mornings i've meditated while still in bed and then started my day with coffee.

and then somehow by 10:00 am, i wonder what's happened... the day is still ahead of me, but i feel pressure by all the things i want to get done in the day. i feel like i've already squandered away some of it, feel like i can't possibly do all the things i would like to do. i get resentful and grouchy and then an all too familiar cycle of shame and guilt starts to wash over me and i wonder what is wrong with me...

i say this to you today because i know i am not alone. if you were to write me this same letter, i would be able to empathize, because i know we all have these same thoughts and feelings... have our own insecurities. i would extend to you grace and ask that you be kind to yourself... and so this morning, i will try and offer grace to myself.