Thursday, August 20, 2015

hello there, friend,

i listened to an interview the other day i can't stop thinking about. a favorite author of mine talked about jealousy and envy. she described the fact that if we dig a little deeper, just below the surface of those feelings, we can learn about ourselves. jealousy means we are longing for something we don't have. probing those feelings can be a way of figuring out what it is in our own lives we are yearning for. is it time to be creative, is it longing for richer connection with a spouse or with close circle of friends, is it the desire for more rest or more play? once we recognize this, we can figure out a way to make these things happen in our own lives.

i can say for myself that this has led me to thinking, again, about the truest desires our my heart. what is it that matters? what are the basics? in this season, it's rich connection and conversation, it's less clutter and more open space, it's encouraging others and being willing to listen.