Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hello there, friend,

Last night, I lay in bed so exhausted and fell asleep right away. An hour later, I was wide awake, trying not to panic about this new house we're living in or missing the old one. I spent the better part of the afternoon thinking about your post and about routine. All I could come up with is that routine is as much about place as it is about schedule, and it made me ache deeply for our old familiar home.

It's like when people ask if we're settled. What does that even mean? How, after one month here, could we be settled? How could we have found our routine and rhythm yet? Because if you know the secret, I'd love to hear it. The truth is, change happens so slowly. Life is meandering. Routines are like lifelines and sometimes they can barely keep you afloat.

And this is what I was thinking about as I lay awake last night. Because I also love the spontaneous and I like to be surprised, but I need routine to anchor me down. Some days I'm desperate for it. Other days, I'm happy to throw the routine out the window, jump in the car, and head out for an adventure, just to shake things up.