Friday, August 7, 2015

Hello there, friend,

Last night, I took the dog and both kids for a walk around the block. It was about an hour and a half before sunset, and I desperately wished I had had my camera with me. But I could never have handled the camera, the scampering kids, and the zigzagging dog. It made me think of when my daughter was very little, maybe two years old, and I would take her to the park with a couple of cameras in tow, and how easy it was then to juggle it all.

My husband usually walks the dog when he's home, and I've been thinking we should make it a priority to walk together, not only so I can carry my camera and stop when I want to but because it would be good for us. These summer evenings, as the sun is setting earlier and earlier, make me happy to get outside and I want to do that together, the four of us and the dog in the setting sun. Maybe tonight.