Tuesday, August 18, 2015

hello there, friend,

like you, i crave quiet... space for me to catch up with my thoughts, for me to take inventory. i knew the first weeks of school would be challenging for this reason. i knew there would be little time for quiet.

what has surprised me is how quickly the day goes by... there is no time for lingering over coffee. there's a 5:30 am wake up, followed by lunch making, waking tweens and a teenager, breakfast, and then work. by the time i get home there are a few minutes before the bus drops the kids off, and then the house is full and noisy. i'm thinking ahead constantly, trying to make sure i am prepared. prepared for dinner, prepared for the next day's lunches, prepared for deadlines and meetings...

as soon as i kiss each of my kids goodnight... i take out my contacts, brush my teeth and crawl right into bed with a book. i need the quiet that reading provides... the way my brain turns off it's list making and prioritizing, rationalizing and questioning. finally, the house is quiet and so is my mind.