Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hello there, friend,

Today got off to the wrong foot and it felt like I ran, breathless, from one thing to the next. Where does the time go? Sometimes, I'm not sure. I skipped the grocery shopping in favor of picking up only the necessities and, instead, enjoyed the quiet time in the car to listen to a podcast and daydream. Then, this evening, I took the kids to a friends' house and she and I chatted while the kids ran screaming, ate dinner, and finally crashed in front of the TV.

When we got home, my kids grabbed their pajamas and climbed into my bed. They laid side by side and tickled each other, then zoned out to another show. I thought about your letter yesterday and about watching this relationship evolve before me. They fight each other fiercely and love each other fiercely. They are best friends and worst enemies. I wonder if it will always be that way, though I hope they will learn to rely on each other and accept each other's flaws. I hope they tumble through childhood knowing how to really see each other. Because isn't that what we all want -- to be truly seen and loved anyway?