Wednesday, August 26, 2015

hello there, friend,

we woke yesterday and today needing sweatshirts. the humidity has dropped, the sky is clear and it feels like late september. i'm not gonna lie. this is my favorite kind of weather. i came home yesterday from work and had a bit of time to myself. i laid down in the back yard under a tree for a while and stared at the sky and the leaves above me. sometimes the feeling of smallness is just what i need. there is more going on in this big world than just me, and when i gaze at the sky i feel small in a good way.

it's the re-centering i need sometimes when i think my to-do lists are more important than anyone else's, when ideas buzzing around in my head prevent me from focusing on what's right in front of me, when i'm overwhelmed by my own desire to do it all...

later, i took a walk with my daughter who pointed out how to make a heart shaped shadow with her arm and shirt... and much later as i walked alone at dusk, i found this under my feet.