Friday, August 14, 2015

hello there, friend,

when we moved into our current house, it was the house i had daydreamed about my whole life... a farmhouse with hardwood floors, big rooms and high ceilings, thick wood trim, radiators in every room. i thought we would be able to swoop in, refinish the floors and paint everything and this house would feel like home.

in reality it takes time... it takes time for your head and heart to make the transition, for you to find your way, bumbling around in a house that isn't quite yours yet. even with your furniture the walls and floors are unfamiliar, every drawer and cabinet has it's own peculiarities you're just now learning.

years later, our house feels like home... there's still plenty to do and i suspect there always will be. but, i think what makes it feel like home is the length of time we've been here... the fact that we've left over and over again and returned home ~ to this house. that our children have gone through their elementary years here and now their middle school years... that we've played games in the yard, planted a garden, and eaten under the grape arbor...

give yourself grace and know it takes time....