Tuesday, August 4, 2015

hello there, friend,

yesterday after an early morning appointment, the kids still asleep, i returned to my own bed and watched the conclusion to a series i'd started the night before... what a treat to lounge in bed with breakfast, essentially watching a movie!

later, after a bit of laundry, and some general tidying we grabbed our suits and tubes and headed out to the lake. the dynamics of our family are so different when we are without one. my youngest don't always see eye to eye, you could say. their sister is sometimes the glue that holds them together, or that helps negotiate things between them or even provides a distraction from their squabbles.

when they asked if i would swim out to the dock to dive, i assured them i would be there after i finished the chapter i was reading. i looked up to watch them swim off together. the lifeguards closed the dock before i could swim out to meet them, but when they returned they were full of their accomplishments...

we ate ice cream and stayed long after the lifeguards pulled up their umbrellas ('swimming at our own risk'). we talked all the way home, grabbed some fast food, showered off and read together before falling asleep. and i have to believe that they will look back on their days as brother and sister with affection and not remember what sometimes seems like constant quarreling, that they will continue to grow in their love and understanding for each other.