Tuesday, September 29, 2015

hello there, friend,

i wish i had known earlier in my life how much better i felt when i moved my body, how restored and reset i felt after being outside. i didn't learn to exercise until i was in college, didn't understand how good i would feel, how working hard made me feel strong and alive, how my mind needed the challenge provided by coordinating my body's limbs, how i could let go of negative thoughts or worries.

there is no question walking has become an integral part of my life. years ago (when i had three children under three) i realized how important is was for me to get out every single day, if only for ten minutes. there has never a time when i came back inside and wished i hadn't gone out.

whether i walk across the street to the meadow and meander with my camera, take several of my favorite walks through various neighborhoods around town, or hike in the woods, i come away feeling better. i'm reminded of my place in this world, which is that i am just a small part in a much bigger picture. i find that so comforting.