Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hello there, friend,

I wish I had some good solid advice for your quandary. Why do we go through these dry times? I'd like to say something about not getting the mountaintops if you don't weather the valleys, but I'm afraid that won't be very satisfying.

Except, if you were Ruth Stone, you'd be out in the field working and minding your own business, unconcerned about the poems rushing about, confident that you would do your best to catch one. And isn't that exactly what you're doing? Walking through your daily life, tending to what needs tending, including, perhaps, your soul's need for rest. Your inspiration is still out there. Maybe you're not ready for it yet.

All of that sounds nice and poetic, but I've been where you are and felt that creative dryness and, darn it, it's rough. I think about how all or nothing everything felt when I was younger, like if I didn't feel creative now (or happy or productive or validated by some external force) that I might never feel that way again. But I know now that's not true, just as you do. There's no magic wand we can wave to speed up this process, and yet there's a bit of tragedy in just enduring it. Keep working your field, my friend. It'll come.