Wednesday, September 23, 2015

hello there, friend, 

my husband has asked me before about 'the moment'. whether i am in the moment if i use my camera to document it or not. the great sally mann talked about how her memories of events were clearer when she did not take images of them... when she took images her memories were more focused on the process of taking the image.

for me, they run together. my memory of the day can revolve around the image, but it's when i add words to it that i remember more about the day... the feeling the day evoked, the small details of before and after a particular image.

today, for instance, we went to one of my favorite places... i hoped to capture either my kids in the meadow or some wildflowers and instead my favorite image from the day has more to do with the changing fauna and the reminder of this season... for the change in color i noticed, for what that means. but, i still recall the walk around the meadow, the monarch we chased, the hickory nuts my daughter shook down from the tree... the sounds of late summer crickets and bickering.