Monday, September 7, 2015

hello there, friend,

our family of origin stories are so completely different, as you know. as i type, i'm wondering how it is that we can feel similar on some levels, given our histories.

i do not think of myself as a perfectionist... one look around my house would tell you that. but, many times throughout each day i have to fight my way out of thinking 'i'm not good enough... i'm not a good enough mother, wife, friend...' i think, 'i should have...' all the time.

in some ways this is universal, but what happens next is ours to claim. when we have these thoughts, do we allow them to sit there, continually criticizing us, making us feel unloved and less than whole, or do we let them go, allowing them, but not holding on to them or believing them to be true. is resiliency part of this question, is it the legacy of our families or what we create now within us as adults?

like you, i want our home to be a place where those who enter feel loved. i want my children to learn lessons of kindness and generosity. i want each of us to find our purpose, to love with our whole hearts, to be resilient in the face of difficulties.


p.s. after last week's discussion on IG, a link to a beautiful video was shared, a reminder to Let Go and Live Your Life