Tuesday, September 1, 2015

hello there, friend,

this morning, i went out to my car finally ready for work only to find a flat tire. after groaning i had to laugh, albeit wryly. there was no getting around the fact that i would be late for work, no matter what i chose to do next.

growing up, car trouble was one of the narratives of  my childhood. we rarely went on a trip without a flat tire, running out of gas (the gas gauge was broken), or something worse requiring a trip to a junk yard and a repair in an empty parking lot, with lots and lot of waiting.

over the years i've come to see that these early lessons in life have led me to being a pretty flexible person. although i don't wish for these exact situations to happen with another generation, i wonder sometimes, how my children will learn to be flexible. what is it that allows for flexibility in thinking and dealing with life's experiences... and ultimately more connection and joy in life.