Wednesday, September 9, 2015

hello there, friend, 

you are right... in the end, what do our to do-lists matter?? the tasks we get done (or don't) do not leave a legacy, who we are is what matters. i remember once reading, 'imagine who you want your children to become. be that.'  

i want my children to live with integrity, to be people who are kind and generous, who love with their whole hearts. i want the same for myself. what i notice when as i write, is that the things on the list aren't accomplishments, so much as character traits. how i live every day in the small moments will define my character, as it will theirs.

and so, that is what i must keep in the forefront of my mind as i go about my days. the tasks of keeping a home won't go away, there will always be something on my to-do list. the question is can i be kind and generous as i do this work? can i be kind and generous with myself when i don't get it all done?