Thursday, September 17, 2015

hello there, friend,

you mention the phrase, 'your soul's need for rest' and that's exactly how i've been feeling... like my soul needs rest. 

after remembering a blog post i read some time last week, i sat down with my journal and wrote out a list of things that are life-giving and things that are life-draining (aka: soul sucking). no surprise that what sustains me is space, quiet time, walking early in the morning, noticing what i'm grateful for and writing it down, easy meals and help in the kitchen, reading good fiction and nonfiction ~ both, playing music, being outside ~ observing the beauty in nature, and connecting with those i love either in quiet or in conversation.

what drains me is being rushed, trying to do too much, not saying what i need or want, checking instagram too often, mindlessly going down a rabbit hole on the internet, cluttered spaces in my home and in my mind, and sometimes church.

i need to spend more time thinking about these two lists... adding to them, working through these ideas. but i can see, it's time to shift towards more that is life-giving... more sustaining.